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Senior Member Encampment Staff Applications

VT Wing Summer Encampment 2023 

Dates: July 16-23, 2023

Select SM must arrive on 15 July.  You will be notified individually if you are among them.

Location:  Camp Ethan Allen, VTNG | Jericho, VT

This page is only for senior members who desire to staff our encampment.

Click here to register for encampment

You will receive an email notification once we’ve processed your registration. We have also established a Registration Paperwork Report for you to verify what paperwork we’ve received and what we’re still awaiting.  Unfortunately, we cannot update it in real time, but we will have it updated every Friday evening.

Please follow our encampment online


Once you have completed registration please download and complete the following forms from the document library on the encampment homepage.  Once they are complete, please email them to 1st. Lt. Joanne Larson at

CAP Form 17 Senior Member Activity Application

CAP Form 160 Member Health History

CAP Form 161 Emergency Contact Information

CAP Form 101 for Drivers License Verification (Available through eServices Ops Qual only)

What do Senior Members do at Cadet Encampments?

We understand you are choosing to give up your time to be with us for the week, so our primary goal is for you to enjoy the experience.  You don’t need to sign up for the entire encampment, you can volunteer for only a few days if that’s all you have the time for.  We greatly appreciate anything you can give us.   The more SMs we have the easier it is to run the encampment.  At the Vermont Wing Encampment, Senior Members perform a myriad of roles. The main role of senior members at encampment is to set the groundwork for the cadets to be successful.  Based upon your desires you will be asked to assist in one of the many support roles or on the command staff.  SMs on support staff have the critical role of making sure all of the resources are in place so the cadets can efficiently run the encampment.  Support staff roles include admin, safety, medical, logistics, drivers, and public affairs.  SMs on command staff have the important role of mentoring the cadets as they navigate the leadership experience of managing the actual operation of the encampment.  Training Officers (TACs) are the main position in the command staff.  TACs spend their days supervising the cadets and mentoring them through the various leadership experiences while allowing them to learn and grow through mistakes.  Being a TACs is a larger time commitment, and we prefer to have 2 TACs per flight.  This allows you to rotate during the day.


If you’re interested helping us with encampment, please complete a registration form.

About Camp Ethan Allen

When packing for encampment please consider the following:

The encampment will provide each senior member with 1 encampment t-shirt, shorts, and ball cap.  Please remember pin in rank for the ball cap.  Military clothing sales is not available on site, nor is there one close by.  Feel free to wear the provided pt uniform in the morning and when relaxing in the evening.  TACs will be overseeing the cadets doing PT but are not required to participate.  Throughout the day we ask senior members to wear corporate polo or fatigues (ABU/Blueberry).  EAFR is in the mountains so expect evenings and mornings to be cool, but the days are very hot.  It’s a good idea to have multiple sets of uniforms to change into throughout the week.  TACs will be following cadets so well broken in walking shoes are a requirement. 

Housing is military style dorms set up in 2 or 4 person rooms.  Most of the beds are bunk beds. The mattresses are twin XL.  There is a 2-drawer chest, under dresser, and hanging station per person.  Bedding is not available for senior members, please plan to bring your own bedding or a sleeping bag.  You will be able to unpack fully if you desire.  There isn’t any dorm organization for senior members.   If you require housing, please indicate so on your staff application.  If you live nearby, please feel free to sleep in your own bed.

Free laundry facilities are available on site as is a kitchenette.  Bring your own detergent if you plan to do laundry at the facility throughout the week.  We have very limited refrigeration and no cookware.  Coffee and tea will be available for SMs; please bring your own hot cup.  Dish soap and a sponge will also be available in the kitchenette.  SMs can eat at the dining facility at the same dining hours as the cadets or you can bring your own food.  Feel free to bring your own snacks if you desire. 

As EAFR is an active training site, parking may get tight.  The base asks us for a list of those driving personal vehicles. If you are planning on using our own vehicle please let us know so we can advise base operations. 

If you have questions please email Capt Kelli Sutton-Bosley and Capt Joe Bosley directly. 


All encampment staff must attend a mandatory staff training day.  All TAC Officers and Command Staff must attend.  Support Staff is optional but highly recommended.  

Date: 20 May 2023

Location: Knapp State Airport Passenger Terminal               Click here for a MAP

Time: 1000 – 1400

To get to Knapp airport get off I89 at exit 7.  Follow 64 past the Applebee’s to the next 4-way intersection at the top of the hill by the hospital.  Turn Right.  Follow the road for approximately 1 mile where you will see the airport on the right.  The terminal is the first building you will come to.


The easiest way to find Camp Ethan Allen is to set your GPS for Mount Mansfield Union High School in Jericho VT.  Right next to the athletic field you will find Ethan Allen Road.  Follow the road until you reach the main gate. Camp Ethan Allen is an active military installation.  Everyone in your vehicle must show picture identification at the main gate. 

Arrival Date: Sunday, 15 July

              Arrival Time: 1200-1500

              Arrival Uniform: ABUs/Corporate Polo/Corporate Field Uniform

              For a map to Camp Ethan Allen click here.

Upon arrival, all SMs must report to the Encampment Administrative Officer for in-processing.

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