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Cadet Leaders

*****This page is only for cadets who desire to staff our encampment*****


Dates: July 14-21, 2024

Cadet staff Arrives on 13 July

Location:  Camp Ethan Allen, VTNG | Jericho, VT

COST: $250


If you've been selected to staff our application please click the apply button above to complete your registration.

Roles and Responsibilities for each position are located to the top right under documents.  Please take a moment to review them so you understand we we're asking you to do.

If you have any questions about the positions please contact Cadet Programs.

We encourage all cadets to complete a Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) application.  CEAP opens 1 March and closes 1 May.  If you need more information on CEAP please click here:

CEAP Information Website

You will receive an email notification once we’ve processed your registration. We have also established a Registration Paperwork Report for you to verify what paperwork we’ve received and what we’re still awaiting.  Unfortunately, we cannot update it in real time, but we will have it updated every Friday evening.

Please follow our encampment online


Once you have completed registration please download and complete the following forms from the document library on the encampment homepage.  Once they are complete, please email them to  Cadet Programs


CAP Form 60-81 Encampment Application

CAP Form 160 Member Health History

CAP Form 161 Emergency Contact Information

CAP Form 163 Over the Counter Medications Authorization

Click here to check your paperwork status

You will also need to download these documents from the same document library. Please pay close attention to packing list.  Unless otherwise stated, EVERY item on the packing list is mandatory.  If you are having difficulty locating some of these items, please email please email  Cadet Programs directly. 

              VT Wing Encampment Packing List

              CAP Pam 60-71 Cadet Encampment Handbook

              If you need special accommodations of any kind, please click here.


Encampment staff must attend mandatory staff training.  All cadet staff members must attend.  If you do not attend this training event you may be removed from your staff position.

Arrival Date: Friday, 22 Mar

Arrival Time: 1900-2100

Arrival Uniform: ABUs

Training Dates: 23-24 March 2024 (training begins right after breakfast on the 23d)

Location: Regional Readiness Training Center (RRTC), VTNG | Northfield, VT (on Norwich University's campus)      

Once you have been offered a position and accepted it you will be emailed an information packet for MST Weekend.


Click here for a MAP

The easiest way to find the RRTC is to set  your GPS for Norwich University in Northfield, VT.  The RRTC is on Norwich's campus.  

From exit 5 on I-89 take VT 64 west following the signs for Norwich University.

At the bottom of the hill, turn right onto VT 12 still following the signs for Norwich University.

Once you get to the University turn left onto the school grounds.  Please note that this part can be tricky if you're unfamiliar with the campus.  There is a short right-hand S curve as you go around the white Communications Building and turn onto University Drive.

Follow University drive past the museum, under the Class of '59 Bridge, past the Goodyear Gate, and turn left on General Cram Drive.

Turn left into the parking lot and park a close as possible to the RRTC.  Then report in at the main entrance.

Please note the Norwich University is in session and there is a high potential for students to be crossing the roads.  They have the right away.  Please be attentive while driving on campus. 


The easiest way to find Camp Ethan Allen is to set your GPS for Mount Mansfield Union High School in Jericho VT.  Right next to the athletic field you will find Ethan Allen Road.  Follow the road until you reach the main gate. Camp Ethan Allen is an active military installation.  Everyone in your vehicle must show picture identification at the main gate. 

Arrival Date: Sunday, 15 July

              Arrival Time: 1200-1500

              Arrival Uniform: ABUs

              For a map to Camp Ethan Allen click here.

All cadets are required to carry their own baggage into the dorm.  Upon arrival, all cadets must report to the Encampment Administrative Officer for in-processing and will then undergo a contraband inspection.

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